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May 31, 2018

With every new project that comes into my life, I feel newly aware just how fortunate I am to work with some of the best singers and instrumentalists all over the world. Returning recently from a whirlwind trip to China, where the music, dance, and culture of Inner Mongolia was presented to me and my colleagues in grand fashion, I can still feel the rush and excitement of experiencing the country's indigenous music from literally a few feet away (instead of on YouTube!). Although often presented by amateurs, the quality and professionalism of these performers was nothing less than astounding. The Ethnic Orchestra of Hohhot was especially impressive, featuring an entire string section of the morin khuur, aka the horsehead fiddle. More about this and why I was there in the near future ... A particularly breathtaking – and quite challenging – part of the trip was the chilling fact that when my colleagues and I were in Hulun Buir, the temperature was minus 37°F, with a wind-chill factor of minus 63°! A personal "lowest temperature ever" for all of us! (See select photos)

A nice welcome banner at the Hulun Buir art gallery and cultural center

Dining a yurt


Inner Mongolian Ethnic Orchestra featuring the morin khuur, aka horsehead fiddle

Morin khuur player and Mongolian throat singer


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